Richard and Heather have moved back to Melbourne, Heather's home town and where they met and married nearly fifty years ago. They are as active as ever and Richard is a member of several writers’ groups and gives talks to interested groups. Drop Richard a line on:



First of all, let’s recap on the launch of Six Spoons of Sugar back in 2008. The book had impressed the people at Waterstones and they offered us high profile launches at the Broad Street store in Reading and Priory Meadows in Hastings. 

We dressed each store with flags, Dig for Victory posters and artefacts such as WWll gas masks, helmets and miles of camouflage… but what a treat it was to see so many re-enactors from Wartime Britain come along and make both events such a success.  And at Hastings the Mayor, Maureen Charlesworth, paid us a visit (and bought her copy!) and our great leader Winston Churchill also popped in to wish us well! 

Click here for pictures of the launch at Reading on September 26 2008

Click here to read the Reading Chronical review of the Reading launch (pdf format)


School children enjoy hearing all about being an evacuee... and trying on gas masks and tin helmets! Here we are at Upcroft School, Tilehurst, Reading. Didn't we have a great day kids??!


Christmas comes but once a year and with it the annual Christmas party of the 101st US Airborne re-enactors here in the UK. My friends, Staff Sergeant Shaun Bartlet, left, and Captain Dave Allaway (right) know how to celebrate Christmas. It wouldn't be the same without you guys!


Captured at the Watercress Line in 2008, Jo and Rowena looking pretty good... we hope to see them back again this year.


It was great to see men of the 101st Airborne, “Screaming Eagles” re-enactors group at the Reading Launch.  Captain Dave Allaway (second from left in the back row) and Staff Sergeant Shaun Bartlett (kneeling next to Lucy Holdsworth at the front) led the team.  They were all VERY popular with the girls!


School children get into the spirit of being an evacuee. These children are enjoying the Watercress Line at War weekend.


Alice Racher is one of the wonderful girls who joined the Womens’ Land Army and helped our farmers feed the Nation in our time of need.  Richard was delighted to meet her during the 2008 Brenzett August weekend – and doesn’t he look pleased…


If you want a pair of genuine nylons you can always count on Viv the Spiv despite the austerity of war years and clothes rationing. Heather seems impressed!  This was at Twickenham Big Band Ball December 2008 – but Viv attends most WWll functions.


Six Spoons was launched in Melbourne in 2009 and In the HOT SEAT in January 2011.  Richard has been fortunate to be interviewed on two leading programmes - the ABC "Conversation Hour" for celebrities and Denis Walter on his popular 3AW afternoon programme.  You can listen to Richard's chat with Denis by clicking the link below.


While in Oz, Richard was interviewed on the radio by Denis Walter. Click the forward arrow on the media player below to listen to the inteview (it may take a minute or so to download).

Oz Book 

"Richard took one of the last consignments of stud cattle to Australia - was paid a shilling a week on a cargo ship, the MV Port Melbourne. That gave him insurance cover - but not against a stowaway. "I'll do for you, you bastard..."

The Outback beckoned and stud cattle again; he brought out the Supreme Champion at the Royal Adelaide Show. Then onto being a top-flight journalist - the Hot Seat once more. In between times he was lost on the Birdsville Track - where death waits at every turn - got to know the Aborigines and learn of the Min min lights, raced a Porsche and won his Aussie bride.

There's a travel chapter that brings the reader up-to-date with the parts of Oz that Richard saw, lived and loved.

Two books in one! The Hot Seat is humorous, informative and a "must" for Aussies and Poms alike."

Click here to read an extract from In the HOT SEAT

The ANZACS fought alongside British troops in two world wars and IN THE HOT SEAT recognises their bravery - there are graphic, heart-wrenching tales to bring tears to the eyes in IN THE HOT SEAT. The Shine of Remembrance in Melbourne has both Richard's books on their shelves and for sale.

Interior of the Shrine of Remembrance.

Ex-Aussie Rules footie star, Adam Pattison, came to the launch of In The HOT SEAT in Melbourne. Big lad isn't he? What's more he says he loves the book!

Daughter Lucy and Richard under the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Living the life of a miner down Central Deborah Gold Mine Bendigo


Don't get stuck on Birdsville track; Richard did but lived to tell the tale in his Aussie adventure – In The HOT SEAT.

Melbourne Cricket Ground with brother-in-law Robert Pattison. England didn't win!


Another day – another talk. This is Busybird Publishing, Montmorency, Melbourne. A great day out!


The Ghan, one of the Great Train Journeys of the World, sees some of the most extraordinary country between Adelaide and Darwin via Alice Springs. Richard is on board.




It took 67 years for me to get over to the USA and personally thank the GIs who came to my village back in 1942 on the way to Normandy and freeing occupied Europe… But August 2010 I was able to take the trip – and what a trip!  My wife Heather, daughter Lucy and I tied it in with the 101st Airborne 65th reunion at Indianapolis and not only did I get to shake hands with veterans who were billeted in my village, but many of the other 600 veterans at the reunion – a once in a lifetime experience.

And for those that I wasn’t able to thank personally, I hope the few words I was able to make at the 501st Battalion dinner on the Friday evening conveyed my thanks to all you fine people.

We were certainly made most welcome. And after the reunion we were able to visit the headquarters of the 101st at Fort Campbell courtesy of Mike Tilden and his team who drove us down to Fort Campbell. Not only did we get to see the base (and what a fantastic base it is too) but thanks to you guys we were to see much of your beautiful country on the way.
Of course, the story of my little village from 1939 to 1945 is told in Six Spoons of Sugar, and a large part of the book is devoted to the years that the 101st was in and around that village. Many bought the book (thanks to you all) and it is now available through the 101st Association store at Fort Campbell. Mike and his team will be delighted to package and mail it to you. Just go into the website.

PO Box 929, 32 Screaming Eagle Blvd  Fort Campbell. KY 42223
Phone 931-431-0199 ext 31.  E-mail:
Six Spoons of Sugar is just $14.95 paperback plus Post and Packing.


We made headlines. Harold Heffner and Richard are interviewed by Will Higgins of the Indianapolis Star.

You don't get much better than this! Dominic Caraccilo, Deputy Commander of Fort Campbell, welcomes Richard to the 101st Association reunion, August 2010.